Magnus Vilhelm Persson

About me

I did my undergraduate studies at Stockholm University. The practical work for the Bachelors project I did at the University of New South Wales with Professor Michael Burton and Dr. Steven Longmore studying high-mass protostellar populations in the near-infra red with the IRIS2 instrument at the AAT.

For my Master thesis I worked with Professor Göran Olofsson, doing lucky-imaging polarimetric observations of Class I low-mass protostars (HL and XZ Tau) in the Taurus molecular cloud with the instrument PolCor (built by Prof. Olofsson) at the Nordic Optical Telescope (NOT).

Between February 2010 and April 2013 I was a PhD student at the Centre for Star and Planet Formation (Starplan). My PhD thesis centered around observations of water in deeply embedded low-mass protostars using ground-based telescopes. The aim is to identify the origin of warm water emission lines in young protostars, deduce the water deuterium fractionation and the relation between water and other more complex molecules.

In April 2013 I started a new position in Leiden, in Ewine van Dishoecks group. I am continuing my work on water in protostars, and extending it to later stages of star formation. Furthermore, I am continuing on a project on constrainint the unresolved continuum component toward one of our well studied Class 0 protostars, NGC~1333 IRAS2A, modeling the components in the uv-plane, this I am working on with the PhD student Daniel Harsono, who also works in the same group.

During my studies at Stockholm University I helped out at several events/administrative duties. Among those are:

  • Astronomy tutor at the summer research school for high-school students in 2009. (link)
  • Working extra at the "Science for school" (Vetenskapens hus) as a teacher, where school classes from all of Sweden traveled to take classes, e.g. measuring the Radon with proper instruments, using SEM. (link)
  • Tour guide for the Astronomy deparment telescope outreach activities.
  • Representing the Astronomy department at the yearly university exhibit for high-school students.
  • Undergraduate student representative in the departmental board for 3 years.

I also worked as a tour guide at the old observatory in central parts of Stockholm (link). Where daily tours of the dome are given along with observations carried out with the 100 year old refracting telescope of solar system bodies and other interesting celestial targets.

In 2009 I confirmed a supernova with the Stockholm University Astronomy department 1m telescope (ANT) together with Robert Cumming (link)

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