Magnus Vilhelm Persson


KuGARS - Ku-band Galactic Reconnaissance Survey

EVLA OTF continuum polarization and line mosaic of the W49 star forming region. A huge data set using the On The Fly mapping capability of the EVLA. Together with some colleagues I am calibrating the data set.

ODAM - Orion Disk and Multiplicity

ALMA (continuum+line) and VLA (continuum) observations of most of the known protostars in Orion A and B cloud, 331 in the ALMA observations and a subset in the VLA observations! The first VLA data from the C-array has arrived, A-array and ALMA to come soon!

PILS - Protostellar Interferometric Line Survey

IRAS 16293-2422, a deeply embedded low-mass proto-binary. ALMA observations at 0.5 arcsecond resolution, 32 GHz of bandwidth, from 330 to 362 GHz covering many different species. I am working on all the formaldehyde isotopologues to derive abundances and the isotopic fractionation.

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