Magnus Vilhelm Persson

Research interests

Star formation: Chemical evolution

My research focuses on high-resolution ground based observations of water towards deeply embedded low-mass protostars. With the observations it is possible to constrain the origin of warm water emission lines on small scales.

I also study the water deuterium fractionation (HDO/H2O ratio) in the same sources, to figure out if water is processed on its way to the planet forming disk, where eventually, and hopefully ends up on a planet like Earth.

Star formation: Physical structure

Analyzing the continuum observations of protostars we can constrain the physical structure, the continuum traces the dust. Since it is optically thin at least at certain radio frequencies, we can observe the smallest scales, below a few 100 AU.

Methods: Interferometric spetrum analysis

Interested in how we can use more modern techinques to analyze the wealth of new data in terms of both spectral and spatial resolution to gain deeper insights. Examples include automatic spectral line characterization and identification, using eigenmaps to analyze the similarities or dissimilarities of emission line maps (Machine Learning), and analysis of interferometric data in the u-v plane.

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